August 11th, 2006

KHS Magellan

Shopping List

<p>Hello all!&nbsp; I am newly vegan, and I just moved with my
boyfriend into our very own apartment.&nbsp; I am starting from scratch filling
the cupboards and I was hoping to get everyone's expert advice.<br
/><br />I'm trying to keep it healthy, stick with the basics, but also have
things I'd need for most recipes.&nbsp; If I'm missing your favorite
necessary kitchen item, let me know!<br /></p>
<br />PS for cleaning, is it white vinegar and baking soda or white
WINE vinegar and baking soda?<br /><br />
<div class="ljcut" text="Here's the list so far . . . ">Veggies:&nbsp;
broccoli, collards/Kale/Chard, carrots, peppers, squash, potatoes,
sprouts, tomatoes, spring mix, purple cabbage, red onion, garlic, spinach,
cauliflower, sun dried tomatoes<br /><br />Fruits: berries, bananas,
oranges, apricots, melons, mangos, plums, cherries<br /><br />Grains:
quinoa, bulgar, whole wheat flour, brown rice, basmati rice, flaxseed,
amaranth, couscous, pasta<br /><br />Breads: whole wheat bread, whole
wheat pita, wasa crackers<br /><br />Legumes: lentils, peas, hummus,
garbanzo, kidney, white, black-eyed peas, black beans, navy beans<br /><br
/>Nuts: almonds, walnuts<br /><br />Soy products: soymilk, silken tofu
extra firm, tofu firm, multi-grain tempeh, sausage, burgers, dogs<br
/><br />Condiments: extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, soy sauce, soy
mayo, mustard, ketchup, vegetable broth, red star yeast, balsamic vinegar,
baking soda, white vinegar<br /><br />Spices: tumeric, cumin,
coriander, curry, cardamom, cinnamon, cayenne, all spice, garlic powder, sea
salt, pepper, raw sugar<br /></div>


So I just started working at this place that serves a lot of spam.

And for some reason, I am CRAVING spam. I haven't eaten spam since I was probably about seven years old and living in Hawaii and eating spam musubi all the damn time (spam musubi is basically fried spam sushi)
And really haven't desired spam *at all* since then.

Until now.

And I really want some of the coconut beer battered spam.

So my question is-

Is there such a thing as vegan spam? And where the hell do I get it?
Beech leaves

Chocolate caramel slice recipe ideas?

Tesco make expensive but apparently very nice chocolate caramel slice which my boyfriend is rather devoted to, and I fancy trying to make a vegan version. The base is shortbread, with a firm caramel on top (as opposed to, say, the toffee sauce for sticky toffee pudding, which is the nearest thing I've made successfully - you don't want to know how badly wrong my fudge went, and plain chocolate on top. Shortbread's easy enough, I'll just melt plain chocolate, but does anyone know how I should make the caramel? I'm thinking using some of the following: sugar, golden syrup, soya cream, margarine. Also, do I bake the shortbread first and then pour the rest on top and let it set?

The nearest thing I've made so far is this sticky toffee pudding, of which the sauce involves marg, sugar and soya cream, but is too thin for this. I'm thinking about converting this recipe (with a different shortbread as we don't want coconut in there), but I don't know if condensed milk equates directly to soya cream, and 400g seems an awful lot of it, my 250 ml carton of soya cream only weighs 260 g including the carton.