August 15th, 2006


I am not much of a cook or baker. Thank good for my microwave and simple things like a microwave rice cooker...However I have a new b/f. He stays over a lot and while he is not vegan he will chow down on things that I have on hand if he likes it. He has his own cubby/shelf space for his foods and what not but I want to try and make a cake for him. He likes carrot cake but whenever we go out he orders that and on our shopping list there is always the frozen carrot cake we pick up (it is cheaper to buy one than make one)...

I read a recipe yesterday that seems really simple. You get a box of cake mix and a can of soda and mix it. So I have a box of organic chocolate cake mix and black cherry Hannsens all natural soda here. I think the combo might make some sick but i am thinking black forrest cake here. Is this recipe as simple as it sounds: you just mix the two together and bake? Can you make cupcakes this way? I have mini-penis shaped cake molds from work (I work in an adult store)...That I would love to use and make mini cakes for all my pals...Do i need to oil the tins? What do I use to oil it?
I hate the phone.

blenders and nuts!

I'm in the market for a blender and I'd love a vitamix, but I don't have more than about $100 to spend. I found this review sheet by cookillustrated, but it says that the two that are actually affordable suck at peanut butter. grrrr. then the amazon reviews of the l'equip actually say it sucks, so I'm left wondering which blenders are actually worth buying.

what do you have (for around $100) and what do you think of it? what would you recommend I buy? being able to make nut butters a huge plus, but I may pick up an old food processor for that.