September 7th, 2006

gore firebreath

omg leftover beans/barley need rescuing, plz


Ok, so I have about a cup, maybe 1½ cups, worth of "small red" beans, "pink" beans, and barley (all mixed together) sitting in a tupperware container in my fridge. Any healthy ideas on how to use this particular mixture up, preferably in some sort of stew form? I don't have any major aversions to any particular ingredients, but seeing as I am a poor college student, I am somewhat limited in my grocery options.

Or if you don't have any suggestions for actual recipes, maybe you could tell me what combinations of seasoning might work well together?


gnocchi and red potatoes.

alright, i've got a bunch of medium sized red potatoes and i wanted to make gnocchi. first of all... will red potatoes work? and second, i found a recipe that said i needed wholemeal flour. i have unbleached white flour and wheat flour but that's all. should i just scrap this idea and save the gnocchi for another night?


cooking website

does anyone know about one of those cooking websites (preferably veg) where you give the ingredients that you have and then it generates a list of recipes that you can make with said ingredients?

i have eggplant and squash and a crapload of spices and some fresh cilantro and ginger... along with all types of vinegars and oils and cooking wines and whatnot.

i'm sick of stir fry dishes, which is what i'd usually do. roar.
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Convection Ovens

When we moved back to Britain at the end of March, we moved into my grandmother's house (she's in a nursing home). This is fab, and has a relatively new electric convection oven - about 3 years old. Now, it being summer, I've not done a lot of baking, but we're coming into the early start of autumn, and I'm likely to be baking.

I just made a birthday cake for my husband. It burned. I checked the temperature, and that was fine. I checked the time, and that was spot on. But it's burned, and I'll have to start over in the morning. I don't remember ever burning a cake in my life.

So here's my question: Is there a trick to using an electric convection oven? Do you have to play with temperatures and times, or ought it to be just the same as with any other oven? Tips, techniques, advice all gratefully received.