September 10th, 2006


Disaster: Horrible Chocolate Brownies

This month's 'Good Food' magazine had a recipe for low-fat chocolate brownies, so I thought I'd vegan it and have a go.


The way they made it low-fat was to substitute pureed prunes for the butter. Well, it looked ok when I put it in the oven, smelt chocolatey as it was cooking. Took it out, took one bite. Prunes. All you can taste are the flipping prunes. Tried a bite from a different bit to see if I was unlucky. Nope. This is a prune brownie. All evidence of the big bar of dark chocolate that went in it has evaporated. Not only that, but the added brownie stickiness means that the prune taste clings. I ended up cleaning my teeth because the taste still hadn't disappeared after about 15 minutes. Ok, so perhaps if you really, really like prunes this is the thing for you, but then again it seems a waste of a bar of chocolate.

In conclusion: do not substitute prunes for butter.

(It is lurking in the fridge. I'm going to see if anyone at work really likes prunes)

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HELP! Oven malfunction.

I'm in the midst of making this casserole, and my oven broke! It's barely warm after an hour. All the ingredients are in the casserole dish. How can I salvage this? I have a working toaster oven, microwave and stovetop, but I'd prefer not to use the microwave. I think that the toaster oven is my best bet, but the casserole dish is too big to fit. I have ceramic bowls that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Would they be toaster oven safe, too? Any other suggestions?

ETA: It took a while for my post to be approved by the moderators, and, cause I was hungry, I decided to simmer it on the stove in my wok. It turned out delicious. :)
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Pumpkin Pie with chocolate and walnuts

This is the recipe for the pie I made today. I used the basic vegan recipe, which is tofu, pumpkin, and spices, and messed around with it some. I think it turned out really good. I didn't use any sugar in the pie, but the blend with the chocolate makes up for it. It's a really subtle-tasting pie.

One bit of advice--the chocolate gets really hard in the refrigerator, so give it a few minutes to soften up before you try to cut it.

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