September 13th, 2006


Chile de Dioses

While looking through my stash for recipes containing cocoa powder, I came across my friend's amazing chili recipe. To give credit where due, this recipe was put together by the amazing Pax, who gave it the appropriately arrogant title, Chile de Dioses. There are quite a few ingredients, but it's very tasty.

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Dinner Party

Someone posted this
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recipe at vegrecipes, but decided to come here to be sure to get vegan recipes. I plan on having a dinner party this weekend with that rice and wanted to know if anyone had any other hawaiian recipes that would work well. I was thinking a salsa(possibly with avacados, or pineapple), and maybe another dish or dessert, prefferably hawaiian themed. Also, any drink ideas(prefferably alcohol) with a hawaiian twist would be fabulous.

omni- and exhausted runner-friendly food

hey punxx,
my cross-country team has a tradition of post-meet Feasts. for our Thursday meet, I need to bring enough food-food for at least three people. it has to be something that will taste good cold or lukewarm. any suggestions?

I believe 28 out of 30 team members eat meat (and they are mostly guys, largely of the "ew! tofu!" variety), and I can also bring something weird like a loaf of bread or a bag of chocolate chips if I want to. it doesn't have to be real food but I would prefer that it be because otherwise there probably won't be anything for me to eat.

thanks in advance!

EDIT: this could also swing to the other extreme -- it could be the craziest, most vegan recipe you can think of (i only have tofu and tvp though, no tempeh or seitan).