September 21st, 2006

look down

"egg" roll wrappers

Last summer we bought some vegan spring roll wrappers from the asian market across town and they had been sitting in the freezer until recently. (21 spring rolls filled with cabbage and carrot disappeared in two days!) The kind we see around everywhere have egg in them, but this was an asian brand and since the market is sort of inconvenient, we were looking for a way to recreate the wrappers. According to the package, the ingredients are flour, water, salt, and oil. There was hardly any fat in them, so I'm guessing the oil amount was minute. We have a pasta roller... would it work to mix together water and flour until it's goopy, then roll it out? Do you think any further preparation would be necessary before filling and baking them? (Seriously, these were really good and low fat and crispy, better than Health is Wealth rolls by far) Thanks in advance for your kitchen savvy advice.