September 27th, 2006

Starving indie boys

Pumpkin walnut cookies with maple frosting

I got this recipe from a friend three years ago and I've been cooking up batches of them every fall since. The vegan thing is standing in the way of this a little bit - it's already vegan except for one damn egg! I'm not sure what to use as an egg replacer. They're supposed to have a light, cakey/muffin-y texture but in my experience tofu as an egg replacer makes things heavy.

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  • misfit

Vegan potato bread

I've found many recipes online for potato bread, but I was wondering if anyone has successfully veganized a recipe for this. I was thinking that I could easily sub agave nectar for the honey. If you've made this recipe before, what particular egg sub did you use, and what type of non-dairy milk?

I did find this recipe, but it looks a bit bland. I'd like one with a bit more kick to it!