October 6th, 2006



I was wanting to make some lie fantastic spaghetti bolognese type dish for a special someone (all lady and the tramp style) and i was just wondering if anyone had any fabulous recipes for pasta sauces and or meatballs.. 

help would be fabulous as i'm going through a very un-creative period. 


- i just remembered. I can't really do much fancy as i live in a revolting share house and i'm slightly poor so can't buy exciting appliances. So nothing that requires me to blend anything or nothing like that.

wray mccan

Seeking Stew

Still fixated on dreams of winter stews, and I'm working on dreaming up something with sweet potatoes and mushrooms, maybe portabellos? Thinking I could pop in the stick blender to cream it up a little from a broth base. I've got lots of ideas to play around with, but has anyone had any experience with something like this? Any good tips?