October 8th, 2006


Fast lunch

Hi, I started my internship one month ago and I'm just sick of eating take-outs which costs so much and well, unhealthy. So I was thinking of any quick lunches that are easy to make(the night before or morning) and can be taken cold(the office have hot water, but no microwave oven for reheating or fridge for chilling).

I am also trying to lose a little weight, so I would like less salt or sugar etc.

FYI, I lived in Singapore, though we do have that many ingredients available but not much is within my area.

Thank you!

Pumpkin frosting for birthday cake

My boyfriend's birthday is this week, and I'm going to make a cake... I've decided on the chai cake that's been posted for the cake part, and then for the frosting, I want to make a pumpkin-pie buttercream-ish sort of deal. I used the search engine to look for cakes and frosting recipies, but most use a lot of shortening/margerine, and although I realize that stuff is necessary for buttercream, I don't want to use very much, if any at all (if there is any way around it?)

I make pumpkin spice muffins usually with a pumpkiny topping using canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices, silken tofu, and powdered sugar that usually turns out sort of like a whipped topping, but also kind of glazy too, if that makes sense.... but so yeah I'm looking for something between that and leaning more towards buttercream without having to use tons of shortening or margerine, so it's more birthday cake-y....

Sorry if something like this has already been addressed (and/or if this was too wordy and confusing)... I did do a couple searches though :-/ I'd appreciate any help or input... I'm not really the greatest/knowledgeable baker.......
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Vegan Wrap

This is my first time posting.. and I just wanted to share the wraps i make. 
they are pretty simple ( im in college haha) 

heres what you need: 
wraps, any flavor you like, i usually use the sundried tomato basil one. 
sweet pickles
and roasted peppers. 

(my picture = horrible, but you get the point.. they are REALLY good!)