October 28th, 2006

vegan Bavarian Cream! what to do with it???

I was wandering around our local bulk foods store and came across a large packet of bavarian cream. I read the ingredients and to my surprise it turns out it is vegan! (not sure how that happened since I thought real bavarian cream was eggs and gelatin- but i'm not complaining).

So I bought it thinking yum- I can make something with that!
Now I sit here and can't figure out what to make with it.

Any yummy suggestions???
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chocolate fudge brownies

My first post here... i LOVE this community! I've recently made the final commitment to veganism after being a vegetarian for many years, and being really inspired by all the recipes here to do some creative cooking :).

So yesterday i set out to make vegan brownies, and amazingly they worked first time. The measurements aren't exact since i am a very haphazard cook and i just made it up as i went along. The consitency is very very fudgy and gooey, which i how i like brownies, but i think could easily be made more cake-y. Anyway here goes:

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