November 5th, 2006

Yeast-free vegan cheese?

Hey, guys.

I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for vegan cheese that don't require the use of nutritional yeast. I'm completely broke and still haven't found a store that carries it anyway, but I'm reeeeeally craving French Onion Soup, and I have everything else I need except a cheese substitute.

What I have to work with includes - but is not limited to - tofu (silk and extra firm), dijon veganaise, braggs liquid aminos, plenty of spices, earth balance, soy milk, ah...chickpeas... I can't think what else might be needed that I have. Bananas? Can I make cheese using bananas? What about chickpeas? Every recipe I've found requires the nutritional yeast, and I know that's a pretty crucial ingredient for flavor. So do you guys know of anything else that could be used to replace it? It doesn't have to be the best vegan cheese ever, just something to put over the bread to make it creamy. Thanks in advance!

Oklahoman Corn Cakes

T'internet's a marvellous thing. I was just chatting with a dear friend who lives in Oklahoma, and she recommended corn cakes: "A packet of cornmeal muffin mix + a can of creamed corn + onions and cumin, and you fry it up like pancakes".

Now, I'm in the UK. We don't really have cornmeal muffin mix in my neck of the woods, and I've never seen creamed corn over here, so here's what I'm wondering:

a) Does anyone have a "from scratch" recipe?, and
b) Can I approximate creamed corn simply by chucking sweetcorn in a blender?

I'll be glad for any pointers.