November 15th, 2006

  • misfit

Pecan Pie- any experiences with a vegan version? (non-chocolate)

I am pondering making a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but I have never made one successfully. There are some recipes for chocolate pecan pie (like in How It All Vegan), but I would like a non-chocolate version. Has anyone made a vegan pecan pie before, besides the ones with chocolate? This is one of those recipes where I'm not sure if egg replacers would work nearly as well as eggs.

*EDIT*: I tested the first recipe, using a mini graham cracker crust (and 1/5 of the recipe). It probably would have worked out better if I hadn't used a graham cracker crust, since the crust essentially dissolved into the filling. D'oh! But the taste was mmmmmmmm yummy.

*EDIT AGAIN: Attempt #2: I used a regular frozen pir crust, and it dissolved AGAIN, just like the graham cracker one. Perhaps I overbaked the pie? Filling was terrific, but crustless. I ended up just spooning it on top of Soy Delicious vanilla ice cream.

Attempt #3: Massive changes- I prebaked the crust, brought the filling to a boil, added 1 tbsp. of agar flakes, and reduce heat to a simmer. Simmer for about 5 minutes, poured into the shell, and let cool. I just cut a small piece, and the filling was MUCH sturdier. It still seeped a bit into the space in the pan, but it was more like real pie- not just filling. I'd add another 1 tbsp. if I made this again.

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Kraft/Stouffer's stuffing?

Unless we were at my grandma's for Thanksgiving, we never had homemade stuffing- it was always Kraft or Stouffer's stovetop. We cooked it in the turkey, but I also remember having it at very inappropriate stuffing times, like the middle of summer, so I figure that my parents did indeed cook it on the stovetop. I never liked homemade stuffing, the mushy homogenous stuff was always better.
I was thinking breadcrumbs instead of pieces or chunks of dried bread, so that it would stick better; but I don't remember much about the taste so I can't go much farther than that. Any ideas on how I could veganize this? Please help!