November 16th, 2006

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has anyone ever made chocolate-peppermint cupcakes? i usually use this recipe as cupcakes, and i wonder if i could just replace the vanilla with peppermint extract, or just add in a teaspoon or so to the mix. i've never used peppermint extract so i'm not sure how strong it is or how much to use, or if i should just skip it in the cupcakes altogether and just add it into the buttercream frosting. sorry if this is kind of a no-brainer, but.. any suggestions or experience?

Homemade yogurt

Yesterday and lastnight I tried my hand at making soy yogurt. The first time I combined 2 C. soymilk and 2 T. of plain soy yogurt. I set my oven at 100 degrees (F) and put it in after wisking the two together. After 7+ hours it came out really runny. I expected it to be somewhat like the Silk soy yogurt - compeletely different from dairy yogurt . . . but still somewhat thickish.

The second time I steralized all of my "tools" by dipping them in boiling water. This batch turned out slightly better, but still too runny to be considered yogurt. It's no where near the consistancy of Silk.

Has anyone had any good turn outs using soy yogurt instead of a powdered yogurt starter? Why type of container did you put it in? Lid? How long? Did you mix it up through the process and time it was in the oven?

I'd like to avoid buying a yogurt starter and a yogurt maker if possible. Thanks!
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What to do with kiwis? also How To Candy Fruit

I have 5 small organic kiwis left, and I feel like doing something creative with them, instead of eating them plain. My mother just made pumpkin muffins, so no muffins. Any ideas? We don't have anything in the memories or tags for kiwis!

Edit: Maybe sugar cookies with sugared kiwi slices on top? How does one sugar fruit anyway? (make it sort of dried but not really and kind of gummy and super sweet)

Thanks all!

Edit 2: Oh wow, I'm going to have to buy more kiwis, these are all fabulous ideas!

Edit 3: I stopped being lazy and googled candying fruit:

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Acorn Squash stuffed with Chestnut Stuffing

I looove fall food. Yesterday, I made some stuffed acorn squash. The stuffing was an improvised vegan offshoot of some chestnut and pancietta ciabatta stuffing I saw on Everyday Italian a few years ago. My boyfriend described it as "very delicious." Here's how I made it!:

1 acorn squash
3 pieces of crusty bread
1 carrot
1/2 stalk celery
2 garlic cloves
3 or 4 roasted chestnuts
some onion
some thyme
some parsley
some vegan bacos things
some nutritional yeast
some chik'n broth

(1) Preheat the oven to 400º. Cut the squash in half and take out all the seeds. Set aside.
(2) Cut up the crusty bread into tasty chunkies. Put in a bowl and set aside.
(3) Dice up the carrot, celery, garlic, and onions. Sautee until tender.
(4) Crumble chestnuts. Add to sauteeing veggies with generous helpings of thyme and especially parsley.
(5) In bowl with bread, add a VERY generous helping of nutritional yeast and bacos thingies. Mix in veggies and salt'n'peppa.
(6) Cover mixture with chik'n broth until JUST soaked. Stir up until well and evenly combined. Spoon into squash holes.
(7) Cover squash and bake for about an hour or until squash is super tender. Then enjoy!

Tofurkey vs. Unturkey Part II - more detail!

I saw a thread about this in the memories but it was mostly just "x rules!" or "ew, x was bad!" opinions. I am looking for which one you like better, why you like it better, and any special things you might do when you cook it (example: a friend of mine had a brother that submerged a tofurkey in marinade for two DAYS before cooking. hellooo, juicy!). I already know that I like Tofurkey but the Unturkey's are available to me this year and if they're delicious and can be cooked deliciously, I want to go for it.

So, tell me which you prefer and how you cook your preferred vegan "turkey".

And so I'm contributing -

I go for the Tofurkey. I lay it on a sheet of tinfoil in a baking dish, cut up the suggested on the box veggies (carrots, onion, potato, i think), throw said veggies around tofurkey and cover with another piece of tinfoil. I crimp the edges together and it makes a nice little foil pocket. I overload the marinade with apricot jam, toss in some tamari and water and and am generous with the toasted sesame oil. I baste the sucker every 30 minutes during cooking, and it always comes out great. I think its the sesame oil and frequent basting that makes it yummy.

Thanksgiving timing help...

Some help needed with preparing a veggie Thanksgiving!!

I've found a recipe on vegweb for veggie meatloaf. It looks simple enough. Anyone tried it before?,13447.msg82757.html#msg82757

I want to make candied sweet potatoes.

And green bean casserole which is here,11071.msg73701.html#msg73701

My question is this--how do I get everything prepared and ready at the same time? Everything requires the oven and I only have a small one. I do have a microwave--could either the green beans or sweet potatoes be made in there?


Turkish Food

I have a friend from Turkey who is expecting a baby.  She doesn't really have many women friends so I wanted to throw her some kind of baby shower.  I would like to prepare some Turkish 'comfort' foods for her.  I am not really sure where to start though.  She isn't veg but I am sure she would appreciate any sort of efforts and I don't think the lack of meat would even be an issue.  I would like some appetizer or bite-sized ideas.  Some sort of salad would be okay too.  Savory and sweet please! 

Sweet Bologna?

Okay so not sure if this can be done. I've been able to come up with vegan versions of just about everything I liked growing up, and I was never a fan of meat in general but I LOVED sweet bologna. Anyone know where you can get some vegan mock sweet bologna or how one might go about making it? Yeah I am at a loss as to how to flavor some meat-y type thing to make this but mmmm....grilled sweet bologna and cheese sandwich! Delicious!

Edit: Thanks for the suggestion, however I am not looking for an Oscar Mayer type bologna, but rather a sweet bologna which is quite a bit different (not sure if they have different bologna choices most places-I know here in Seattle we don't-but I grew up in Pennsylvania dutch country where we have the ever wonderful sweet bologna and lebanon bologna as well as "normal" bologna. Though the lighlife lunch meats are yummy on occasion) Thanks!

Pumpkin Frosting

Hi! I'm planning to make cupcakes for a potluck this weekend, and I was hoping that someone would know if it was possible to make pumpkin frosting. I have several recipes for white icing, do you think that I could somehow mix spiced pumpkin mix into it without it being a huge disaster? Or, as an alternative, does anyone have a recipe for sweet pumpkin cupcakes that would go well with white frosting?

I've checked the memories and several websites, with no luck.