November 21st, 2006

mars - Kudos to awakencordy

Lebanese stuffed zucchini?

I was at a friend's place tonight and she served my daughter small stuffed zucchini. They looked absolutely delicious, except for the meat part. Which goes without saying. And I'd love to make a vegan alternative, since it should be fairly straightforward.

Does anybody have a recipe, even for a non-vegan version? Or an idea of what spices and herbs and in what quantities these would be (my daughter complains that I make everything too spicy or strong for her) that would make the dish more authentic? Basically, I don't want to make a zucchini variation of my grandma's German/Slav cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers.

Grazie mille.

Turnips and curry.

I have to turnips that I want to do something with for Thanksgiving, but I am completely clueless as to what to do with them. I have never cooked a turnip in my life. I'm not even sure if I've ever eaten a turnip. They're currently sitting on my counter top, crusted with dried mud, and I keep looking at them and feeling as if they're taunting me. "Make us taste good, I dare ya!"

Food Not Bombs was serving this amazing mashed-carrot-possibly-with-sweet-potato-curry-type-stuff monday and it was incredibly delicious and I've seen thinking since that I could possibly mash carrots and the turnips together and season it with curry powder. But the problem is, how? Should I boil the turnips with the carrots? Are they easy to peal?

I didn't ask the Food Not Bombs kids for the recipe for the curry carrot stuff, so some creative help with that would be good too. Think I should add soy milk? Coconut milk? Earth Balance? In addition to curry powder, I also have some chana masala seasoning. Think that would be good?

I am a disaster in the kitchen whenever I try to experiment, so any guidance would be much appreciated.

portable thanksgiving recipes?

i live in santa cruz and i'm going to thanksgiving at my boyfriend's in
san francisco. i'll be taking the bus for two hours to get there, and
i'm trying to bring as much stuff as possible because though they
usually have soymilk and margarine and stuff at his house, i don't want to
count on it.

i want to make a pumpkin pie- i have a premade crust and i'm looking
for a recipe that's really good that will allow me to mix th wet
ingredients and bring them with me in a tupperware or something similar. or
any other suggestions?

i'm also bringing the cinnamon rolls from the garden of vegan, and i'm
thinking of making the dough and mixing the wet ingredients and then
letting it rise and baking them once i get there. what would you do?

Beans and nuts in the same recipe - any ideas?

What is your favourite bean + nut recipe?

It seems rare to find things that have both, and searching for them in memories or google comes up with bean recipes and nut recipes but not a bean and nut recipe. I'm guilty of it myself, but since I'm allergic to a lot of grains, and my blood sugar dictates I even reduce my brown rice intake I'm looking to combine the two. Usually I make dhal and have a nut/seed based recipe on the side, but I'm sure the creative and well versed cooks of this community are some of the best people to ask about such a thing.

I'm pretty much a vegan food loving curry/casserole/dhal kinda guy, but I'm willing to be more experimental or adapt suggestions to my preferences, which usually involve not cooking with oil or baking, both of which I used to do a lot of.

Ideas - hummus, almond + chickpea curry, walnut + adzuki bean sprout salad, bean/nut burgers, bean flour/tahini bread. Ummm...

Thanks. :-)