November 28th, 2006

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Sago recipes

Hello everybody!

A little while ago I bought some tiny sago balls but they're no good for the reason I bought them (they were originally for Bubble Tea, as suggested by my sister, but my large tapioca balls are, well, better) so now I have a big packet of sago and I have no idea what to do with it.

It's not one of those easy-peasy, 5 minute brands of sago (not that I've seen any around here, but I think they exist) so it will require long-ish cooking, I'm assuming.

I know that usually sago is used in milk-based puddings, but I've no idea where to start or where to find a vegan sago recipe that's actually nice.

I really don't want to waste this product, so any recipes or links to places with good recipes would be lovely, thanks :)

P.S, do posters tag entries here or do the mod(s) do it so an entry get the right tags? Sorry if this is obviously posted somewhere.
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Vegan Korean Peanut Butter cookies and Carob or Carrott bread.I wa

I was wondering if any Vegans here have some recipes to make Korean Peanut Butter cookies. They're most noticeable because they're dry like a wafer and just as crisp. The best thing is they taste just like regular Peanut Butter cookies but they don't have the flakiness of them. One of the notable things of this cookie that has it stand out is that you see some Peanuts baked in.
Also there's another Korean dish known as Carob Bread or Carrott Bread or something like that and I was wondering if anyone here had a recipe for it since I seem to have no luck just searching for it.

Another seitan post.

Yes, I read all the memories regarding seitan. Yes, I checked google.
So.. I have a package of Whitewave seitan. I have never cooked with, and come to think of it never even eaten seitan. All the recipes I can find involve homemade seitan.
I'm snowed in and can't get anything fancy from the store right now. Quick, easy seitan recipes? Please, no more barbeque. I was thinking something "chicken-style," maybe?
Oh yeah, and let's avoid tomatoes.

I know this is a really "picky" post, but I am seriously at a loss here. Any help at all is extremely appreciated. Thanks.