December 3rd, 2006

what to do (baking from the pantry)

Here is what is in stock in my kitchen...I am so in a baking mood right now but cannot think of anything taht is easy that I can bake (I am rather new to cooking/baking more tahn microwave meals - at 27 I got a ltae start!)...

-whole grain flour
-turbino sugar and sugar in the raw
-chocolate chips
-soy spread (margerine/butter)
-unsweetened cocoa
-mochi flour
-dark coffee (espresso roast as well)
-granny smith apples

Anything come to mind!?

uses for mayo?

I have a nearly full jar of Nayonaise that needs to be used up. I made a small waldorf salad for Thanksgiving, and now I'm stuck with the stuff. I'm kind of on an anti-sandwich kick, and I never used mayo for anything else but sandwiches in my pre-vegan life, so I have no idea what to do it. Ideas, please&thank you!

Gingerbread cookies?

I looked in the recipe index, but didn't see anything. Does anyone have a good recipe for gingerbread cookies? I'm thinking of making some gingerbread men, but I have never made them before and the recipes I am finding online have slight variations so I am looking for any personal recommendations. Thanks!

Spice cake

Going off of havfaith's comment, I've decided I need to try to make this cake for Christmas dinner. Only problem is, that cake mix has milk ingredients. I haven't yet had time to do much searching for another brand of boxed spice cake mix. Does anyone know another vegan brand that has spice cake (I like the gingerbread-quality of the look for Christmas)? Or does anyone have a recipe that they can share that would create something similar?
Looked in the recipe index, but I always seem to miss things there...
  • enousha

Cinnamon Buns

I made cinnamon buns on a whim. I've never baked them before, and I'm still quite a bread novice. They're quite good for something that didn't turn out properly.

I can't give you a recipe since I didn't use one and you wouldn't want this one anyway, but I will share the process I went through to make them just in case it helps anyone who's even more of a novice than I am. :) Collapse )