December 9th, 2006


cooking for the masses...

hi everyone -

i've been watching the community for a while but haven't ever posted. you guys put out some really great stuff here - thanks for all of the ideas you have all given me! i love everything about vegan cooking, but i mostly enjoy making my own creations and seeing what works. (AND, i plan to exhaust every possibility of making a suitable cheese substitute until i find one - if it's the last thing i do...)

anyhow, over the last few days i haven't really had the chance to make my own creations for lack of time/desire to utilize things that may soon go bad. instead, i just wanted to add my thoughts to a couple of recipes that my friends and i tried over the week and what worked/didn't work about them:

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apricot topping for french toast

Tomorrow morning I'm making the "fronch" toast from VWAV for my mom's birthday. I bought a can of whole apricots in syrup to go with it, but I don't really know what to do with them. Besides the normal things (brown sugar, butter, etc) I've got:
rice milk
soy creamer
maple syrup
sparkling apple cider
soy nog
raisings (regular and baking)

I was thinking about cooking them down with some raisins and pecans and using that as a topping, but I'm a disaster in the kitchen when I don't have directions or outside opinion. Please help!