December 14th, 2006

Food in the Mail

Ive never sent food in the mail before ESP. to another country... aka Canada to USA, but I will be needing to very shortly (I have a baked vegan goods for shoes trade going to happen. Such a good deal!)

So I have a couple questions about it
Does the CDN or US Post have anything against baked goods being sent to your friends in another country? Since its not Fruit/Veggies or *bleh* Meat, I assume its ok...
What kind of foods are great for sending?

Im sure cookies are good to send, maybe some chocolate truffles?... Anything else?
I cant even think of different food categories right now. If you know of any recipes that would be yummy to receive in the mail. Please let me know!!
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brazil nut and date pie

Has anyone ever made a pie out of brazil nuts and dates? I'd like to make something similar to pecan pie, but far superior (if you doubt me, go ahead and pop a medjoole date and a brazil nut in your mouth RIGHT NOW). I've never seen a recipe for this pie, but I'm willing to experiment with a few suggestions from the pie experts out there. Thanks!

(Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post! I really appreciate your advice and suggestions!)
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soy and wheat free meals

after doing an elimination diet of sorts, i've discovered that soy may be a cause of a number of ailments that i have had for years. i also like to limit my intake of wheat. these days i'm really trying to make veggies the star of my meals without relying on soy/tofu/fake meat products (and trust me, i'm a tofu lover). i'm curious as to what your favorite meals are that are veggie centered, soy and wheat free (other grains and beans are ok as additions, but i'm really trying to focus on the veggies themselves).

as a side note, i think this will be a good thing for all of us to think about, because relying on any one form of food can be detrimental to our health... let's hear some of your vegan creativity!!!