December 19th, 2006

brownies sans vinegar and fried fruit

Anyone have a recipe for brownies without the use of vinegar? I don't have any on hand...

Easy recipe I amke a few times a week to top pancakes, oatmeal or to eat as a snack(since I seem to only bring questions):

[fried banannas]
-1 large bananna (sliced into little rounds]
-tablespoon or two of soy spread
-dash of cinnamon
-teaspoon on sugar (I use turbino or sugar in the raw)

Turn on burner medium heat. Melt spread with sugar and cinnamon and add banannas. Fry on each side till golden brown...Serve warm! i do this with apples to but it is not as tasty!

stuffed bell peppers!

my boyfriend's mom made stuffed portobello mushrooms the other day and it inspired me to make stuffed bell peppers!

so here's how to do it--


-spanish rice
-large bell peppers

preheat the oven to 350-400 degrees fahrenheit.
dice the tomatoes and onions, cut off the tops of the peppers.
start cooking the spanish rice (i got some that was in a box with spices in it and stuff). while the rice is cooking, saute the onions in some oil in a pan. once the onions are soft and cooked, put them aside and cook up the soyrizo. once the rice, soyrizo, and onions are all cooked, combine them all in a pan and add the tomatoes. you should now have a delicious stuffing for the peppers! stuff the peppers with the stuffing and put them on a cookie sheet. bake them for around 15-20 minutes or so...until the peppers get cooked and slightly brown.


my friends also made some really good guacamole and tortilla chips as an appetizer.