December 26th, 2006

Eliminating soy-?'s about butter and energy bars

-Hi everyone-

I have 2 questions: 1) "Butter"- I use Soy Garden right now, but need to find a "butter" that is soy and canola oil free any suggestions?
2) Breakfast/energy bars- I eat Luna Bars a lot, but they are full of soy-  Does anyone know of any that are soy and wheat free?

3 questions - seitan, meal plans and tempeh

Hi all,

I've checked in the memories and looked around a bit but just wondering if anyone has any idiot proof recipes for seitan? I'm in the UK and finding it difficult to find gluten so it would be great if anyone knew of any mail order places I might be able to find also?

Does anyone use meal plans? I want to shed a bit of weight but my problem is I love, and am pretty good, at cooking so dont really meal plan at all. Does anyone do this and have examples of weekly plans?

Does anyone know if its possible to make tempeh? I'm in the UK as i've said and i've looked around but just cant find it. Unless its called a different name here which is possible?
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