December 31st, 2006


Ginger tip

In the category of "OMG, why didn't I think of this before??"

Grating fresh ginger drives me nuts. So I just bought a big ol' knob of fresh, new ginger. Peel with vegetable peeler. Slice about 1/4" thick across the grain. Throw slices into a food processor. Puree. Put puree into ziploc bags (I like the snack size for this kind of thing), no more than 1/4" thick if you get all the air out and then flatten the contents as much as possible. Freeze on a flat, level surface so they keep that shape. When you want fresh ginger, just break off a piece and toss it in. Yaaaaaay easy.

Stir fries, baking, smoothies, curries, salad dressings, soups...