January 5th, 2007

Unprocessed Veganism

Okay, to make a long story short, my fiance watched Supersize Me tonight and is now completely appalled by most of the food industry, particularly the meat industry and fast food in general. Much to my surprise, he was convinced by Alex Jamieson's (Morgan Spurlock's girlfriend) argurments for veganism and told me that he wanted to try being vegan for a month(he's an omnivore). Well, needless to say, I'm elated. At the present time, I'm a vegetarian and eat dairy (no eggs though) and would like to just make the jump into veganism. Because I've been veg for 3 years, I know all about veganism pretty much by default and understand needing to supplement B-12, omega 3's, and all that.

Alright, enough with the intro, onto the question...

Because we are doing this mostly for health, I'd like our diet to be as unprocessed as possible. I mean, it's not like we're eating Kraft Mac N' Cheese but we do eat things like frozen waffles and meat subsitutes, which while convienant, and very heavily processed. So, what are some good meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I've looked through the memories and have found some answers, but would like some additional imput. Thanks!

P.S. We're not picky eaters and aren't allergic to anything.

Invisible Vegetables [how to sneak them into picky boyfriend's food?]

My boyfriend will eat vegetables as long as he can't see them and they don't go crunch in his mouth. Bearing this in mind, I have had success with mincing mushrooms and putting them into lasagne [tomatoes + mushrooms = two invisible servings of good food!].

He will eat such things as barley or couscous and tofu or anything with soy because he likes the textures, but onions are very scary, and he will go as far to pick minced garlic off garlic bread - "I like the garlic and onion taste but not the garlic and onion.", or weed out little peas and minced celery from a rice dish.
Onions and carrots are apparently particular enemies.

Rather than fight with him about nutrition, what are some recipe ideas that involve hidden/invisible/super small/puréed vegetables? He likes tomato soup. [The only successes so far have been with putting them into tomato-based sauces.]

P.S. I bought him a multivitamin and he tried it but says it made his tummy hurt.
Soul Curly

Creole recipes I have made (sorry, no pictures currently)

I recently picked up a second-hand copy of a UK recipe book from 1989, "Creole Vegetarian Cookery" by Kenneth Gardnier. It was an excellent buy and full of extremely useful instructions about how to cook all sorts of native Caribbean vegetables. Not all the recipes are vegan as he seems quite fond of dairy products, but they are easily veganised.

So, I made a bunch of the recipes recently - here they are.

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I hope people find these recipes useful and enjoyable. I shall try to post more once I've tried them out.