January 6th, 2007

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can i substitute Active Dry Yeast (the kind you keep in your fridge) for Nutritional Yeast Powder?

I want to make baked tofu and the recipe calls for Nutritional Yeast Powder
I'm guessing it's only there for nutrition, so perhaps I could leave it out all together?

I googled it and nothing helped. Thank youuu :)

edit: thanks guysss.
it is used for flavor in the recipe
i'll either just not use it or pick up some :)

easy french bread pizza

the french bread:
1 package of Pillsbury crusty french loaf

1.) follow package instructions. set aside.

the rest:
smooth pasta or pizza sauce
whatever toppings you like (i used sliced mushrooms, sliced jalapeños, sliced zucchini, sun dried tomatoes & sliced onions. mmm)

1.) slice the french bread lengthwise in half and then again in the middle of the top to give you 4 boat shaped pieces.
2.) spread sauce on top of each slice. add layer of toppings. repeat this process one more time.
3.) place in oven and broil for about 5 mins. or till golden brown crust.
4.) booyah delicious food.

btw, i am jenni. hello.

Weird Vegan Foods?

My father, who likes to try strange foods, recently came home from a trip to an Oriental market with a can of silkworm pupas. Eew. The picture was totally unappetizing; I haven't dared to look at the contents.

But it got me thinking. Cultures all have their "weird" foods that suit the tastes of their own people but rarely find such a place in the hearts and palates or other people. And I wondered:

Do vegans have any "weird" foods that we forget to notice aren't common? What sort of things do you snack on that other people don't seem to understand? What recipe have you proudly served, only to be met with wary glances and a revolving exit door?

The only think I can think of in my own habits is that I like to snack on sesame-toasted, salted Nori. What about you?
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Deep Frying Experiment: Fries

This evening, I found myself wanting fries. I decided that since I have potatoes, oil and a pot, there was no reason why I couldn't have fries! This was my first time deep frying, but cooking experiments are always fun. :)

I know it looks like a lot of salt in this picture, but very little actually stuck. I had them with white vinegar drizzled from a measuring cup, which didn't work very well, so the ketchup saved the day. I need to work on my pouring technique, or get a vinegar bottle. :)

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Follow your Heart cheddar!

I have a whole block of FYH cheddar in my fridge and have no clue what to do with it. I don't like the taste of it at ALL, but I don't want it to go to waste.

Is there anything I can make (besides the obvious nachos?) with this? I'm not sure if I can melt it and make mac&chesse ala velveta style, or if I'd be able to make something like grilled cheese? Anyone have any simple ideas that involve something that sort of takes away the bitter taste of this stuff?