January 7th, 2007

  • marwin

german food

hey everyone!
i have a friend who loves german culture, and i wanted to invite him over and cook him some german food!
ive found a few recipes online that i could easily substitute a couple ingredients and make it vegan. however, i want some kind of a main dish type thing, and i cant seem to find one that doesnt call for eggs or meat as main ingredients.

does anyone have any good german recipes that are vegan/i could make vegan easily for main dishes? also, my friend is kind of picky and probably wont like tofu/seitan/meat replacements etc so i want to try and avoid that.

  • marwin

frosting and cooking schools

hi again!
i was also wondering 2 more things that were unrelated to my previous post.

first of all: i have a standard recipe for frosting that i use that includes:
1/2 cup oil
3 tbsp cocoa
6 tbsp soy milk
1 lb powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract

then you bring the oil, smilk, cocoa to a boil, remove from heat and add sugar/extract.
however, some of my friends told me that the frosting tastes weird.

i want to make some kind of a hard icing i can use to decorate cakes with. ive found stuffs in cookbooks/internet, but it all calls for egg whites or meringue powder. if possible, how can i replace that? anyone have a recipe for hard frosting that i could use to frost a cake, and then make decorations on top w/ buttercream frosting?

i want to make cakes and frosting that do not taste weird in any way so that people dont know its vegan because i want to really impress people with my baking, so that they have a positive view of veganism after eating my baked goods and understanding that good stuff can be made without eggs and milk.

also related to that:

i think i want to go to culinary school.
i love cooking and baking, and maybe one day id like to open a restaurant and bakery type dealie.
i know of one vegan cooking school in cali, and http://www.naturalgourmetschool.com/ the natural gourmet school in NYC (which is closer to me, i live in NY state) but its not vegan. anyone have experience with cooking schools, vegan or non-vegan? just vegetarian cooking school? i dont want to go to a normal one cuz its useless to learn how to cook meat/eggs/fish etc for me...i dont care and i never want to make it.

but i DO really want to do lots of baking.
any recommendations?

Product Q!

Once upon a time, I had these delicious soy ice cream sandwiches that had vanilla wafers and vanilla filling. What made them special, however, was the chocolate swirls in the vanilla filling. The local grocery store (Good Food) that I once bought them from no longer sells them. I've also tried to search the intraweb far and wide but have had no success. SO, I was wondering if any of you kind people would happen to know 1) the exact brand/name of what I am talking about 2) where I could order/reunite with my dream sandwiches and/or 3) a similar product.

I thought that the name was contained words like "tofutti cuties chocolate seismic waves" in it, but whenever I tried to google that, all I got were geological-related websites.