January 9th, 2007

thai calzones? er.

(first I would like to unrelatedly advertise a fun vegan cooking podcast I recently discovered, Let's Get Baked with Matt and Dave and the RSS)

I like making stuff up with things I have on hand, since I live close to an AMAZING asian grocery (fubonn in se pdx) and frequently have good ingredients on hand.

this was a "black pepper pie" crust thing, a peanut sauce, broccoli, carrot and some tofu.

the crust came frozen, that's fine, I just stuck it on the pizza-tin thing, which I had smeared a tiny bit of oil on. I made the peanut sauce out of this satay bottled sauce I had, and some leftover redpepper hummus, and maybe something else. I don't know, whatever suits your fancy. put some of that on the 'pies', baked at 350 for maybe 10 min, broiled for maybe 5, rolled up burrito style, cut like sushi.

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mayo 911?

I bought vegan-mayo and I must have bought it unrefregeraited and kept it in my cupbard for a few weeks. I just notice the 'keep refregerated' label on the side. Is it safe to use? It was not opened...I figured you refregerate it after you open it? 

Also I need vinegar for a recipe (egg-less salad) and all I have is Braggs apple-cider vinegar...is this OK?
night porter

Funghi pasta

I never cook pasta. I think it's boring. Wheat and water, blah. But I was given two tiny bottles of truffle oil for Christmas and I was inspired.

1 bag of penne pasta
1 C. of dried (I use the bag o'mixed mushrooms from Trader Joes, soak in water to re-moisten) or fresh mushrooms chopped. I recommend getting some oyster, porcini and shitake, they have the most intense flavor.
Truffle oil, white or black
Extra virgin olive oil
1 C. pine nuts
sea salt

Cook the pasta in salted water until al dente. Transfer to a large bowl and drizzle with a few table spoons of olive oil and toss until the pasta is well coated but there shouldn't be a pool of oil in the bottom of the bowl. Add the chopped mushrooms, pine nuts, a pinch of salt, drizzle truffle oil to taste over the pasta and toss again until well mixed. Serve warm.

Everyone who ate this was highly impressed.

oops, soft tofu

I accidentally bought soft tofu instead of firm, and have no idea what to do with it. I'd prefer not to make a dessert or sauce, but an actual meal, and I want to use all of it since it's on the verge of expiring, heh.
What are your favorite recipes involving soft tofu?