January 15th, 2007

  • prdct

Indian veg or vegan cookbook?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a good Indian vegan cookbook? I've been searching but so far I haven't found a vegan one. There are quite a few vegetarian ones out there. If anyone has any reccomendations on them please do tell. Also, I was wondering if I picked up a vegetarian one... do you think I could easily adapt the recipes to make them vegan? Thanks!

Super easy and quick chili

You can either use dried beans (you have to soak them before cooking) or canned beans. If you use canned beans, you'll have to add more water/veggie broth to the chili.

1 bag dried red beans or two to three cans of red beans
1 jar of chunky salsa (you pick mild, medium, or hot)
1 can of corn
cayenne pepper to taste
salt/pepper to taste (I used Adobo)

*If using dried beans: Soak beans as directed. Then place in a large pot and cook them until tender.*

Add the salsa. Keep heat on medium, and add one to two cups of water or veggie broth (add more if you prefer a less thick chili). Bring to a boil, then put the heat on low. Simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes. Add the corn and season to taste. Simmer for another five minutes. Stir and serve.

*Optional* sprinkle chopped scallions or parsley on the chili when served.