February 4th, 2007

oat flour recipes?

I'm looking to make cookies for my sweetheart and I want to make them with oat flour because he is avoiding wheat gluten. Does anyone have suggestions for a recipe or tips on how to subsitute oat flour? It doesn't have to be cookies, other sweets would be good as well. Thank you!
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dairy-free creamer

I attend a culinary school and for a final project in a nutrition course I have been assigned to make DAIRY FREE ice cream by altering a recipe given to me by the instructor. I thought "hey- easy enough..." boy was I wrong. The main problem I have come across is that many of the HEAVY CREAM recipe subsitutes use coconut cream which would dramatically alter the flavor of the vanilla ice cream. So far I have silken tofu puree pound for pound for the cream and 1/3 cup oil 2/3 cup soy/rice/almond milk.

I found one that said to puree raw cashews with water...but that was in a comment and I couldn't find it online, does anybody have a book/article/etc. that uses that formula?

Or better yet, does anybody have another heavy cream substitute?

I would just use soy cream, but teach said that wasn't allowed. Gah. Darn "rules and regulations."

PS- i did read the FAQ/memories that's where i found the cashew one...but without a source i cannot use it! ;)

ETA::: source of cashew cream replacer, but still, more would be good :)

Marshmallow substitutes?

So lately I've taken a really long break from the kitchen and I haven't baked anything in a really long time. I decided I want to try my hand at some vegan rice krispie treats for the first time. There's a few marshmallow substitutes on veganessentials.com, and I don't know which one to use. I'm trying to decide between the "Vanilla Vegan Marshmallows by Sweet and Sara" and the "Ricemellow 'Marshmallow' Creme". I was leaning towards the latter, but I'm afraid it won't solidify as much after baking.

Any recommendations would be great!
Kitty Patch

Vegan Unbleached and Whole Wheat Flour bagels

These are the most delicious wheat bagles ever and the sesame seeds just stay put with water during baking.  They are not 100% WW but they are half and half and mighty good. They are the bomb with a slice of tomatoe, a slice of avocado and a little squirt of mustard.  I brought some of these on our last canoe trip with cantalope  on the side and I was the envy of the hot dog eaters. This batch was made fresh tonight and this is the first time I put sesame seeds on top. OMG I will be making more!!!!

I bought the sesames for homemade hummus with sundried tomatoes.

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