February 6th, 2007

easy eats

i'm having a housewarming party on sunday. Everyone in my family is a meat eater and said they'd bring their own meat to eat.
but, i still want to make some stuff..because my boyfriend, our friends, and myself would like to eat too!

I want to make some tortilla pinwheel wraps or something. I was thinking the colored/flavored tortillas with some tofutti cream cheese, romaine (?), and peppered tofurkey. Any other suggestions for different types of pinwheels?

I will most likely do the chips and salsa thing and maybe make a vegan taco dip.
but, is there anything else quick and easy i can make?

Thanks in advance!

Digestive Enzyme Suppliments

So it's not exactly about cooking, but it is about eating and food. So I hope I'm allowed this question...

Does anyone know of any brands of digestive enzyme suppliments I can get at a place like Whole Foods, or another healthy store (vegan pls)? Specifically I need it to contain lipase (for digesting fat), amylase (for digesting carbohydrate), and protease (for digesting protein). It should also contain papain (from papaya) or bromelain (from pineapple). Thanks!

Also, does anyone make flax seed oil suppliments WITHOUT gelitan, as I'm having trouble remembering to put flax seed oil in my dinners and I REFUSE to drink it straight up (I did that once, horrible).

Thanks mates, that's all for now!


This isn't so much a specific recipe as a heads-up that pureed squash is a great addition to alfredo-type sauces. This is linguini and cauliflower, saved from scary whiteness by adding pureed hubbard squash to a roughly equal amount of bechamel and seasoning with Vegeta, poultry seasoning, smoked paprika, frozen chopped parsley, and freeze-dried chives. It also doesn't taste much at all like squash, so you could probably use this approach to sneak some nice vitamin A past picky children/parents/partners. I don't know why I didn't add lots of garlic to this. You should.