February 7th, 2007

dried wild mushrooms

hi everyone!

i traded vegan baked goods for some locally-harvested dried wild mushrooms this weekend at my local farmers market - specifically fire morels and lobster mushrooms. i think i want to make some kind of yummy creamy sauce or soup with them but i've never really worked with dried mushrooms before (though i have cooked both kinds fresh, in a simple saute with garlic and olive oil).

anyone had any advice, tips, or recipes?


browning margarine - possible?

Does anyone know if you can brown margarine like you can butter? (Browning is when you heat the butter/margarine over medium heat until it melts, then let it resolidify so it tastes really nutty and good.) I severely want to make these cookies, but I don't know if the frosting would work correctly. There are a few recipes on the Internet that say "brown the margarine," but I didn't want to trust those.


Layerd bean dip

I have a potluck tomorrow fo rthe last day of winter session in my drawing class.
Im the only vegan in there so I decided I would bring someonething that I could assume everyone would enjoy, layered bean dip.

I saw an entry posted a while back with a few recipies, I looked for it and couldnt find it.

I know the basic ingredients but I was wondering if anyone had any unique recipes that taste great for me to try.

Any basic recipes would be great too. I dont want to just throw something together tomorrow morning and end up with just beans and avocado.

Thanks : )

Oh, and I have cream cheese and sour cream subsitutes if anyone has recipes that include such items.