February 8th, 2007


"earthy" potluck food

I am interested in midwifery and becoming a doula. Luckily enough, there's a group of them right here in Athens where I live. They're hosting a potluck in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to bring a dish since I'm the "n00b." The issue is that I'm only seventeen, whereas I'm assuming that these women will be older, at least late 20s. I'm used to being around older people, but that's in the context of the punk scene here, not in the holistic medical scene. I'm going to this meeting totally stiff, without knowing anyone there, or knowing anything about them. This leaves me uncertain as to what kind of dish to bring. I'm pretty sure that I'm safe in assuming that they'll be receptive to vegan food. I'm thinking something without processed ingredients (this eliminates obvious things like soy cheese and fake meat, but I think that even tofu and soy milk should be excluded), and definitely no desserts (but whenever I go to potlucks I ALWAYS bring a dessert). I guess I'm looking for something "earthy" and very healthy, with lots of veggies, but something that isn't too wildly out there. I'm really looking to impress these women, otherwise I wouldn't worry so much.

Thanks for your help, guys!

Soy Allergy

I have searched through the memories, etc. but I still wish to ask for your help. :D

I have determined, by eliminating foods a week at a time, that I have a moderate soy allergy, which I believe was brought on by over consumption for a few years. Eventually, I hope to re-introduce soy back into my diet, but right now that is just not an option.

Here is where your help comes in. I need as many tried and true, easy or even complex recipes/ideas for food that you have. You would be surprised how many foods already have soy in them. I am also looking for something to put on my toast in the morning, since my margarine is out of the question now. I am tired of eating just veggies, rice, wraps and salads. I can't even make stir-fries like I want, because of soy!

Honestly, I miss some of the meat analogs, which I know aren't that great for you anyway. Great sandwich ideas, good hearty meals like mom used to make but vegan-style is what I am craving right now. As well as good condiments, pre-made or make-it-yourself?

I am going shopping tonight, so it would be great if you could help me get a good list of ideas together. I will definitely share anything that were just amazing.


diabetic valentine

ok so... i'm vegan and my boyfriend is diabetic. for valentine's day i want to make him a nice, portable dinner for a picnic that we both can eat. does anyone have any good sugar-free or low-sugar ideas for dinner and for dessert? or candies to go with the valentine? also, i want to make him a loaf of bread... any suggestions? would spelt work? i'm new to this whole diabetes thing, so i've got a lot of questions.

thanks ahead of time.

Vegan Moose Tracks

Someone just mentioned eating moose tracks ice cream to me, and it almost made me want to run out and get some. Of course my next thought was, "How could I make something simliar?"

So tell me, have you ever found a vegan version of mood tracks ice cream (those who don't know, it's a vanilla base with fudge swirled in and little mini peanut butter cups)? If not, have you ever made something similar? I think you could easily take vanilla vegan ice cream, swirl in some vegan fudge (something similar to Hershys, but maybe a little more natural? Ideas?), and either make your own mini peanut butter cups, or get a vegan version (Newmans?) then crush/chop them up.

I'm starting to really miss this ice cream, if you can't tell!! Thanks! :)

Edit: Whoops. I mentioned Newmans peanut butter cups, but apparently they aren't vegan. I've not had them, I just kind of assumed the were (of course I would look before eating).