February 9th, 2007

DLM-- bike keep running

mailable homemade baking mixes?

My friend and I mail each other baking mixes in a little tupperware container. I've run out of recipes! Do you have any good cookie or brownie recipes that I could use? Pretty much anything will do... the only catch is that the recipe has to work if all the dry ingredients are added together to the wet ingredients, just like cake mix you'd buy at the store. (Example: Creaming "butter" with sugar is out.)

The container is 4c, but I should be able to adjust any recipe you have. THANKS!

sweet potato enchiladas

so, im planning on cooking some "sweet potato enchiladas" (recipe based on the butternut squash enchilada post like a week ago) tomorrow. the ingredients are: sweet potato, black beans, corn, red bell pepper, cumin, so sort of a mexican-type of dish rolled up in a tortilla.

can any of you suggest a side dish?
i was thinking maybe like some sort of rice flavored with salsa...(have any of you ever made anything like that?)

also, the original recipe called for cheese, what kind of creamy substance/sauce can i substitute for that? i just don't feel like i can call these enchiladas without some sort of sauce and/or something creamy to go in them.


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