February 15th, 2007

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So a bunch of us (Linguistics kids) are meeting at my advisor's house for
brunch on Sunday to...brunch, and look at some new data we have. I don't
really know what brunch is about, so can you guys suggest things to bring?

I'd been thinking about trying to make the pumpkin/maple scones one of
the vegan blogs advertised a couple of days ago...but now I'm thinking sweet
maybe isn't the way to go, since savory food --> more brain power.

Constraints: no fake meats or soymilk (unless you think its ok for me to
replace the soymilk with a whole grain or nut milk).

Thanks :)
what becomes a legend most?

Determining nutrional values for recipes? Good filling, easy, low-calorie foods?

My partner is on a diet now, and watching caloric intake. I'm trying to be sensitive to this in my cooking and such, but it's hard when cooking at home because I don't know how to figure out the calories and such with homemade food. I'd love to not rely on pre-packaged food during this diet solely for the nutritional info.

Likewise, I'm looking for good, healthy, FILLING, easy foods that my partner can eat. I know that with the caloric restriction hunger is a problem, and I'd love to find some foods that I can make which will keep the belly full and happy without being junky or too high in calories.
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Veggie burger cures

i was feeling a little poor and a little hungry and came up with this quick and easy lunch that could easily be translated to a dinner or mass made:

Teriyaki Veggie Burger Stir-Fry
(for one)

In a frying pan combine:
Olive oil (for frying..)
1 veggie burger. crumbled or made into smaller pieces (maybe 1/2 in?)
1/4 of a small onion
about 1 tbls (or more your discretion) fav teriyaki marinade
sautee for about 10 min, until burger is soft and onions have color

Put this mixture into a bowl or whatev on the side


add some more olive oil, or veggie oil, i prefer the taste of my olive oil

About 1/2 cup leftover rice, any grain
any veggies of your choice
I used about a 1/4 cup frozen carrots and peas
Stir fry all this until hot

then mix with burger mixture and serve hot.

I used a boca burger and it gave it a kinda smoky taste.
I had a side of sweet potato french fries which was yummy too, and i couldnt finish it all! :}
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green beans

when they come in a pound can, they apparently have a lot of water. i normally can just use one can and be done with the beans in a meal. well, i came across a pound of the fresh ones and i can't seem to use them up.
i've already done my two standbys 1. the plain/butter/almond variation and 2. my family's goulash recipe.
i hate green bean casserole. and i'm not too big on wraps or salads.
so what can i do to use up the rest of these?