February 16th, 2007

Bulk Food

Hello all.

I would like to start saving some money by purchasing in bulk. I live in Birmingham, Alabama - as far as I know, there isn't a co-op in the area. I'm fearful of Sam's Club type places. So, I've been investigating websites such as http://www.bulkfoods.com

The trouble is ... am I really saving much? I plan on ordering over $50, so the shipping would be free. However, is there somewhere out there that is a better deal than bulkfoods.com? Anyone ever ordered from there? Does it look legit?

(I apologize, but I have trouble price checking some of the things based on their weights and costs. My only source of many of these items is an expensive health food store. I'm mainly interested in the TVP, Nutritional Yeast, some nuts, couscous, bulgar wheat, quinoa, vegetarian soup base, and things of the sort.)

"organic nature bars"

My father just came back from Canada and brought me these two yummy "Organic Nature Bars" (made by Break-a-Way Snacks). They were so yummy, and I've never seen them here in the States, so I'd like to make them myself. Here are the ingredients:
-Sesame Seeds
-Agave Syrup
-Sunflower Seeds
-Rice Syrup
-Crisp Brown Rice
-Pumpkin Seeds

I realize this may be a long shot..but does anyone who has experience with making similar bars have any advice on cooking temp/times, as well as ratio of ingredients in regards to each other? (they are listed in order) Thanks for your help!!

Chocolate brownie and oatmeal yogurt waffles

I received a waffle iron about a week ago as an early Valentine's Day gift, and I've been experimenting with it ever since. It came with a small booklet of recipe suggestions, and I've veganized a few of them, with varying success. Here are the recipes for two of my favorites:

Collapse )

While whole wheat pastry flour is slightly bitter in plain waffles, these two recipes have such strong flavors that they can carry the whole wheat. My next experiment is to make waffles with hemp protein powder for a breakfast that's a little less carb-centric. I'll probably make a hybrid of the two waffles, using the protein powder in place of the cocoa powder, using less sugar, but keeping the oats, because I like the heft they add.