February 22nd, 2007

Die kitty

Chilli in wraps?

My friend and I spent our day off work just out randombly to bookstores and what not. In the shopping center he decided that he wanted Pizza at the Hut, so I went, though I had nothing as it was all dairy, no escape. So I had a garden salad, lame I know. But whatever.

He got a side dish of these things that were a tortilla wrap with chilli sauce and ham slices with motzerella cheese. Now the idea sparked something in my wee little mind.

I know from Tesco, I can get organic tortilla wraps, which are diary free and whole meal, I have frozen chilli that I am letting defrost, I could get some of those nice tortilla wraps, fold them with my veggie chillie and stick that in the oven to bake, but I am wondering if anyone else has tried this Pizza Hut thing?

I am seriously tempted to get some Quorn "chicken" bits to stick in there, or maybe their deli slices.... not sure how that would fare with my chilli.

My chillie is a panfried onion, with about 3-5 peppers, with a courgette/zuchinne, then added a tin of organic tomatoes and some kideney beans...

I could add my dairy free pesto that I made, which I added cashew nuts in for fun, that would go... but what else? There is no call for vegan cheese that melts over here in the UK. Or at least, nothing that I can find in Newcastle.

So I am wondering, if anyone has done something like this, where they made a tortilla baked sandwhich sort of deal, what did you use? I am thinking maybe a sliced potatoe or sweet potatoe would go really nice, and be a good filler to replace the cheese yukness....

I have tried the tofu thing, but I cannot seem to make tofu NOT bitter... any ideas with that would be great too.

So, when making a tortilla sandwhich, or wrap, what do you do?

creative dinner ideas with potatoes and brussel sprouts

Hey everyone! Tonight is my turn to cook for the vegetarian co-op I live in, and I don't know what to make! I need to cook for 15 people though, so it can't be too complex.


brussel sprouts
lots of pinto, black, and garbanzo beans

...i think that's mainly it, besides various spices, etc. I can always go get a few other things if necessary too.

Any ideas? =)