February 23rd, 2007

Sentient Broccoli

Recipe Quest: Cookie Molds and Zaru Soba

Yesterday while shopping for party decorations at Goodwill, I found a brand new one of these for a mere $1.49! Solid, heavy cast iron, it was too pretty to resist. I haven't the slightest idea what sorts of cookies are appropriate for a cookie mold, though, and all the recipes I've found are very non-vegan. Anyone have something like this? Any ideas?

I am also looking for Madhur Jaffrey's recipe for Zaru Soba. I thought I had it, but it doesn't seem to be in any of the books of hers that I have. Thanks!
Fat Bat

chocolate cupcakes

I'm wondering if there is a baking chemistry reason that all the chocolate cupcake recipes I come across have vinegar in them and applesauce? I really liked the texture that I got in the rosewater cupcakes I made (and posted about here), and I'm wondering if I can modify that recipe so as to make chocolate cupcakes with it? Really- I don't have vinegar or applesauce, and still want chocolate cupcakes.

I know that baking is primarily chemistry, and so there might be some chemistry reason for needing the vinegar. If so, I can suck it up and get some another day and just postpone the cupcake making.