February 26th, 2007

sin gafas
  • of_mud

teff flour

i used to make a vegan cheesecake out of heavy coconut milk, berries, sugar and bisquick.
now i am more concious of refined goods and gmos so i ousted the sugar for some agave and the bisquick for some teff flour.
there was no real recipe. i just kinda mixed it all up by instinct.
but my teff flour didnt rise like the bisquick used to. in fact, my teff flour came out almost exactly like seitan.

can anyone tell me about their experiences of using teff flour? can it create a cake pourous enough to absorb heavy coconut milk like my bisquick used to?

for sickies?

So, for some reason I keep getting horrible colds this winter, and I am getting pretty sick of it. Because the normal response I get when I ask people is honey, does anyone know what helps to alleviate cold symptoms? I will admit to eating pretty crappily (a lot of cereal, peanut butter, and dried fruit is currently sitting in my tummy), so I know I should work on eating better to actually _prevent_ colds, but I don't usually have the time, so yes, I already know of that solution. But anyways, I would appreciate any suggestions, especially for actual cold-alleviating meals I could whip up quickly.

EDIT: Thank you all so much! I am taking all of your suggestions to heart, and actually feeling a lot better now. You're so sweet to me.