March 4th, 2007


turkish delight? baklava?

I got some turkish delight from a specialty store the other day (which, incidentally, is a gas station with a row of middle eastern foods. who knew?)

and I really love this kind of candy, but this particular brand, while still delicious, isn't *quite* what I want. when I've had it in the past I've found them to be slightly less sweet (this is so sweet that even though I have a major sweet tooth, it is hard to eat more than half of one of the pieces) and with more substance and I love the kind with nuts.
I also like the ones that are a little bit firmer.

I've looked at several recipes online and while its tempting to just dive in and modify a bunch, I thought that I'd ask here first for advice from people who've made this before. got a recipe?

Also, I'm thinking of trying to make baklava. What are your experiences with that?