March 5th, 2007

my love

nutrition labels..

hey everybody, i have access to a very expensive program at school that provides nutrition info based on recipes... and i thought i would share this wealth of knowledge.

if you have any recipes that you want analyzed for nutritional the recipe to

shavelka @ yahoo . com

i know a lot of vegan goodies come from home, and you don't really know what good it's doing...
so... :)

UK nutritonal yeast flakes??

I have recently become vegan again after about 5 years of being just vegetarian and i have this comunity to thank, I'm so excited about vegan cooking again, and now I'm getting back into my old obsessional cookery ways, but now I live in Scotland (I used to live in New Zealand) and I can't find nutritional yeast flakes anywhere! Are there any scottish vegans who can help? Does it have another name?
Also is there another name in the UK for gluten flour (to make seitan)?
(PS you can get vegan pre-packaged haggis here!)
Thanks ever so much!