March 7th, 2007


Beets - to cook or not to cook!

I love beets!

For a while, I was preparing them (from fresh) for a delicious beet salad that I make, but then I wondered if I was losing all (or most) of their excellent nutrients by boiling them.
I've seen some recipes recently that call for grated beets. Now, do you just grate them when they're raw after you've peeled them?
Or do you cook them first and then grate them?
How do you cook them? (i.e. how long / what method)
I'd love any ideas / recipes you have using fresh beets. Thanks so much!

beetroot and coconut soup

I highly recommend this recipe. Oh My God!

3 fresh beetroots
block of creamed coconut (or 2 cans of coconut cream)
vege stock (4 cups or so)
cumin (4 tsp)
garlic (4 cloves or so)
zest and juice of a lemon

boil the beets until they are tender, then puree with the cumin and garlic and lemon.
Heat the vege stock and coconut cream, add the beet puree and simmer 10 minutes.

It is nice with a cucumber based salsa with lemon, chilli and mint (or coriander (cilantro)