March 12th, 2007

Ankles all the way

goooooey butter cookies

Have I shared these before? I can't remember. They're not in the memories/tags, anyway, so here you go.

So like all the best pre-vegan junk food, these, in their original nonveg form, are total cholesterol bombs full of eggs and butter. After a couple weeks of subsisting on various incarnations of brownies, I've moved on to gooey butter cookies, the portable homemade form of a certain St. Louis-style coffee cake. Since Duncan Hines started adding dairy to their cake mixes a while back I kinda gave up on these, but then today I came across a milk-free yellow cake by them, so maybe all hope is not lost. Anyway, the recipe is supremely easy. You can even cut it in half if you're stingy with Tofutti (damn these local prices) like I am.

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