March 14th, 2007

almond cupcakes + question/opinon poll

Hey all.
I'm on an almond kick lately. The other day I made almond cupcakes. Here's the recipe (it's modified from someone's vanilla cupcake recipe that I found on here, I think. If it's yours, let me know):

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These were the best vegan cupcakes I've ever made, I think. They'd probably go really well with some kind of grenadine frosting/glaze or a chocolate ganache.

Part two of the post: What are your favorite dishes that feature and/or include almonds?

heart of palm

I am not a cheese fan, which has made a vegan diet very easy for me. But for those of you who do have that conscience-crushing craving, I have a suggestion.

Heart of palm is a great cheese substitute. My husband and I buy SUPER CHEAP cans of it packed in water. After removing the waxy outter part, the insides can be "shredded" and mixed with pasta or salads or whatever. Its got a easy-to-pull-apart texture to it that reminds me of string cheese but of course this stuff wont melt.

Try it out and let me know how you like it! Share with me any yummy recipes you come up with because I am really interested in the stuff!

spare ganache & recipe questions

Please chime in on whichever question you may have some expert advice on.

First - I made the rosewater cupcakes with chocolate ganache from an earlier post. I expected more from the cupcakes. Not enough flavor... the cardamom didn't really shine through and neither did the rosewater. I used spelt flour instead of all-purpose. Would this have caused my cupcakes to sink? It was alright though because they formed a cup to hold extra ganache.

Now... I have plenty of extra ganache which was made with a bag of chocolate chips and 3/4 cups rice milk. I probably have 3/4 cup to 1 cup of the stuff left. Can I use that in a cookie dough or as a wet ingredient in SOMETHING rather than just using it as a topping again?

For what it's worth - I've used the following combo for ganache and it seemed thicker than the recipe above: 3/4 C soymilk, 1/4 C margerine, 12 oz choco chips, microwave soymilk & margerine 2 min. Pour in chips, stir until completely blended.