March 15th, 2007


tempeh marinade disaster.

Ok, I'm new. Hi. I checked the memories out pretty well, but didn't see anything else about this. I'm not super fond of tempeh, and the spouse HATES it, but I was feeling VwaV tempeh bacon last night, so I made the marinade, sliced up the tempeh, plopped it in there, and then disaster struck. Okay, so maybe it's not as dramatic as all that. Essentially, my tempeh crumbled. I had frozen it and thawed it in the fridge the day of, sliced it up with a good clean sharp chef's knife, but it started falling apart after just 15 minutes in the marinade. When I put it in the frying pan, pretty much anything that was left looking like a strip broke apart. So now I've got tempeh bacon bits. Anyone else have this problem? Did I do something wrong? All the pictures I've ever seen of tempeh bacon look like nice strips...

Alternative method for steaming batter?

I purchased a package of Khatta Dholka ( to try from the Indian section at our local asian grocery. Unfortunately, I had only checked the ingredients before purchasing - not the directions. It requires 'fresh curd' which I assume I can just replace with blended firm tofu, even if it won't quite taste the same.

The instructions advise to steam the batter on high for 15 minutes. Considering it's batter, what's the best way to approach it? I have a steamer but there's no appropriate container I could pour the batter into and place inside the steamer.

What alternative way can I cook this stuff?

Work Lunches with protein

I am in desperate need of tasty "salad" type recipes for dishes that I can make in advance and pack up for lunches. Preferrabley packed with protein rich ingredients that aren't soy derived (like lentils) and can be served cold. I have to sit all day at work and I am trying to make them as healthy and low fat as possible. It would also be nice to be able to make a big batch so I can work some vegan food into my boyfriends diet. He is veg curious :]

Thnx in advance