March 17th, 2007

  • bkxhc

Restaurant Plans

I think that i've come up with a good idea...

I want to open a vegan "greasy spoon" type restaurant here in Toronto. Serving things like shepherds pie, pastas, veggie burgs with fries, nachos with soya cheese, sloppy joes, yummy breakfasts with "omelettes", pancakes, soya milkshakes, banana splits, etc. Just typical diner grub - mama and papa type foods but completely vegan. This restaurant would have a totally 1950s diner feel to it and it would be a place where rockabilly, honky tonk, punk rock bands can take the stage at night and art classes or other artsy things can happen during the day.

I would *try* to make everything organic. Since most TVP, and mock meats are organic already this probably wouldn't be a big issue. I know that the Organic aspect of restaurants certainly appeal to the community.

So i'm curious, even if you don't live in Toronto...Would you eat there? How do you think it would do in Toronto?