March 22nd, 2007


generic bean/grain/legume cooking instructions

I'm going to sound really stupid, but my issue is that I love the bulk bins at my health food store, and I've been stocking up on all these dried beans and legumes and grains that are so cheap and wonderful but... I don't know how to cook them. Would it be okay to assume that, as a general rule, I can just soak them all overnight or for a few hours, and then cook them in boiling water until they're soft?
Grains need a more approximate water:grain ratio, though, right? Would 2:1 work? I know I'm just being lazy and refusing to remember the exact ways for cooking everything, but really. Really. I just got home from my first shift at my first restaurant job and figuring anything out for myself right now seems an immense, impossible task.

Thanks guys:/

Cooking for Family

Hi everyone,

I want to cook a special dinner for my family. The meal needs to be able to feed the 5 of us. They are all meat-eaters so I want to impress them. They are open to eating fake meats. I'm thinking of some type of main meal, a type of bread, and dessert. Mainly I want to make it as nutritious as possible. I'm struggling to come up with a nutritious dessert that isn't high in refined sugars...

So something tasty, healthy, and impressive but not necessarily fancy.

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omgwtf - BBQ!

I'm having a big party over the easter long weekend, and our house tradition is a hangover-day bbq the next day, and i'm trying to find some new recipes. I'd love to try grilled vegetable kebabs (like pieces of vegetables on skewers) or maybe something with tofu that omni's would eat too?
How well would artichokes be grilled? I'd like to have artichoke something.

Dandelion Greens

Hi! I'm new here... Well I've never eaten dandelion greens before, but I just found a big one out in my garden (you know you're a vegan when you see a weed and think, "I want to EAT that!") So do I just pull it up and add it to my recipe du jour? (Or am I the only one who goes around trying to eat weeds?!)