March 24th, 2007

Passover recipes needed

So, this year I'm celebrating Passover with my husband and I was wondering if anyone here has some rockin' veganisations of Passover recipes. We'll be replacing the traditional meat and egg on the Seder plate with tempeh and a little ground flax cake (unleavened, obviously), but I was wondering what to do about the Matzah. Especially the Matzah balls - every recipe I've seen calls for chicken fat (argh).

So, help! I promise to take pictures and post afterwards :)

Vegan Cadbury Eggs/Shortening Substitutes

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I'm attempting to make this recipe for vegan cadbury eggs slightly healthier (I have a family with a slew of health issues) Is there anything I could substitute for the shortening in this recipe? I figure it has to harden..I've had bad luck with having chocolate harden when I've used soymilk. Any advice? I included the other modifications I'm making, if anyone sees any major no-no's, please let me know. Thanks so much!!

I just tried this preliminarily..I didn't even have any vegan butter on hand so I subbed applesauce for both the vegan butter and shortening..surprisingly, it hardened! However..the barley malt (and possibly the brown rice syrup, I'm not too sure) gave it more of a malted "milk" ball flavor. (but still yummy, I might add!) My only mistake I think was not letting the inside mix harden at first. I also found some ricemellow cream today, I made some chocolate "marshmellow" cream eggs too =) Thanks for the ideas, everyone..
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good tahini brand?

I peeled off the safety seal to a brand new jar of Arrow Mills organic tahini (not to expire until Nov.) and added a giant spoonful to a "creamy" veggie soup for extra creaminess. then i noticed that the soup tasted oddly bitter. Turns out it was the tahini that was bitter. since the jar is just freshly opened and not yet expired, I'm assuming that it's just the brand that's bad. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of tahini that isn't so bitter? I've never used tahini in cooking before today, but I've had it premade stuffs and it's never been bitter before. help meee. I had dreams of making hummus. :( there's a can of chickpeas in my cupboard and a lemon in my fridge. don't let a bad jar of tahini keep the destined couple apart!


Summer squash casserole

My family has always been a big fan of yellow squash. At every family event, there is a delicious squash casserole, but they always contain lots of cheese and sour cream, or cream of (whatever) soup. Does anybody have a favorite squash casserole recipe that's vegan or easily veganized (I don't like any of the vegan cheeses I can get here, but I *do* like nutritional yeast).