March 25th, 2007


jain food?

i'm really, really sorry if this has been asked before...i checked through the memories for anything that sounded similar, but i'm new here and i could have missed something.

anyway i'm going to go to an indian restaurant as a part of a field trip. based on what i've been told by students in the class [i took it a few years ago but we didn't have a field trip then, so the teacher's letting me come along], my best bet for without-a-doubt, definitely vegan food is jain food. i ran a few searches online, but i was wondering if anyone here knows anything about jain food or has any recipes? just so that i know what to expect.
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Sticky Rice Cooker Help

I just got a rice cooker. It's a cheapie model ($10, marked down from $15 at the discount store), but I absolutely love it!

The only problem; I end up with a 1/4 inch thick layer of crusty rice stuck to the bottom. Has anyone found a way to prevent this? I tried wiping the bottom with oil tonight but that didn't help. Is there any substance that works to prevent the crunchy semi-burnt rice layer? (Which can be yummy but doesn't always go with what I had in mind)