March 30th, 2007

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Hey guys & gals...I searched through the entries and didn't find anything on this topic, so I wanted to ask you all about...tortillas. I had a craving for a bean and potato breakfast taco today (if you are in Texas, you know we attempt to eat tacos morning noon and night)but I'm worried about tortillas. I thought flour ones were generally made with lard? If you all have any suggestions (esp. recipes to actually make tortillas)...I would appreciate it so super much.

Thanks! <3
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Pierogi are my top comfort food. These were prepared ahead of time and frozen last week when I had a late night urge to make pierogi. I also cheated on the filling--potato flakes and dried onions. They would be so much better with fresh ingredients, of course, but I strongly dislike mashing potatoes. I'll make it without veggie bacon next time. My mum eats it all of the time (Yves Veggie Bacon), but I found it to be not very good. Tasteless and rubbery, then burnt.

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