April 9th, 2007


Tomato-free vegan pizza.

That's right... NO TOMATOES! Pizza! Vegan! Help?

I've done just veggies with pesto before and it was okay, but I'm really hoping somebody's discovered the secret to a killer white sauce or something. I've tried replicating the white garlic sauce from Pizza Pi (for those of you that live in/have been to Seattle) with no success. Anybody?


Qabili Pilau

My in-laws live close to an Afghan restaurant in NJ where I've had vegetarian qabili pilau (or pilaw or polow or palaw, depending on who's spelling it, it seems), and as I recently stumbled across an Afghan recipe page, I thought I'd give it a go.  What follows is the recipe from the page, which involves lamb, plus my (very few) amendments for veganising it.

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It was fiddly, and a tad time consuming, as I had never made it before, but definitely worth it.  The one thing missing? - the rather delicious hot sauce available at the restaurant.


Cooking with marinades?

I recently picked up a bottle of a locally-made coconut curry marinade at the grocery store. I'm a huge fan of cooking with marinades/salad dressings/other things you don't expect and can use instead of oil (and also putting marinades on salads... mmmm). I LOVE curry and this sauce smelled so delicious and was full of all the right ingredients, so I figured it ought to make a fantastic curry, right?

Not so much. The curry was delicious, but not all of the flavor got cooked through. Do you think this is due to my amateurism in cooking curry, or to using a marinade vs. spices? Do you have any good recipes I can make using a marinade? I've already looked in the memories. Thanks!