April 15th, 2007


Seaweed Salad

I've recently fallen in love with seaweed salad (I don't know if there are several versions of it or what, but the kind I'm referring to is served in Japanese Sushi restaurants as a kind of appetizer/small salad side dish). I'm desperate for a recipe for it, and hopefully some nutritional information about it too. Help?

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Does anyone have any ideas for baked goods involving mangoes? I have a few that are just sitting around in the kitchen that I really have to use within the next few days or else I will have just wasted money on them, but I am not in the mood to eat them plain. I know there must be a few baked goods that involve mangoes, or something I could adapt to involve them, so any ideas are greatly appreciated!
what becomes a legend most?

cookbook swap? cream cheese brownies?

Call it blasphemy, but I'm just not crazy about the Vegan with a Vengance cookbook. I just don't find myself using it all that often. It dawned on me today that perhaps someone is in a similar situation with another cookbook, but who might want VWAV.

So, I figured I'd propose a swap- my new and never used for actual cooking VWAV for your cookbook.

Any takers?

Also, I'm trying to figure out how to do vegan cream cheese brownies. any leads would be lovely.