April 22nd, 2007

Pesto pasta, tofu balls, pine nut lime salad, blueberry cupcakes

I need a new camera with a macro setting, soooo sorry about the blurries! Click the pics for closeups.

Yesterday was the first time since 2001 that I got to celebrate my birthday with family (long story), and I compensated by going a little crazy in the food department. My mom was very suspicious of me serving an all vegan meal, but it went over very well!

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The food was over all a success and nobody complained over eating vegan food (although there were the 20 minute discussion about what kind of meat is the tastiest...)

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Public Service Announcement

you need to check this post. it appears that the tainted pet food alarm is now ringing for many pet foods previously considered safe, and people food too - and not just regarding wheat gluten - but pretty much any grain or grain-byproduct being imported from china. what's tough is if you're buying prepackaged food items, it's going to be tough row to hoe to figure out where the ingredients used in those things is coming from.


i posted this to speak mainly to the issue of the possibility that human food has been contaminated. Collapse )

also, i don't mean to be snarky, but several people have posted comments linking to "official" recall lists and to the FDA's site. the whole point of the posts this guy has put together is to show people what the companies and FDA don't want to advertise: that there is a very good chance that the recall lists are going to keep growing, that the contamination spreads farther than anyone is willing to admit, and that any food (animal OR people) that contains grains that are sourced from china (and now, apparently, the netherlands and europe) should be considered suspect until further notice.

i'm only annoyed because i don't want to have to keep responding to questions/comments about specific brands of pet food when the answers are all located in the originating LJ. if you are looking for which pet foods are considered absolutely 100% free of any chinese grain or grain by-products you can click here, and scroll down a bit for a list of ones that ONLY use north american source grains.

also, i want to be clear about this: i did not write these entries, i do not know the person who's written them, i stumbled across them this afternoon doing some lazy web surfing and was impressed by how much information was compiled there about the whole thing. i only linked this community up to it because i know many of us enjoy cooking with and eating products that contain seitan/wheat gluten, and wanted to give a heads up on the fact that there is some question about whether or not it is safe to continue doing so.

peace out.

seasoning salt?

My (omni) boyfriend and I recently combined kitchens, and I found a huge bottle of Lawry's seasoning salt. By all accounts it looks to be just a blend of spices that you can put on/in pretty much anything, but when I threw it on some broccoli the other night, I could I have sworn I tasted something meaty. I don't know if this is just due to the association of seasoning salts + meat, and I looked at the ingredients again, and the only suspicious thing I could see was the ever-tricky "Natural Flavors." I did a google search, and I found lawry's showing up in a number of vegan recipes, though it wasn't on the Accidentally Vegan list. Does anybody have any experience with lawry's?